Providing a Wide Array of Advisory Programs & Services

Managing a complex investment portfolio can be challenging, and the sophisticated investing strategies that are often necessary for large portfolios demand expertise, time, and knowledge of how changes in the markets and economy affect each of your investments. We offer a variety of advisory services and programs that can let you take advantage of the expertise of professional money managers and free you from the time-consuming, day-to-day monitoring and decision-making your portfolio requires.

Different Levels of Advisory Services & Programs to Match Your Unique Needs

The level of involvement you want to have in your investments helps determine which advisory programs and services are best suited for your needs.

BY Trading is pleased to offer this new service. For investors who seek research, commentary, and guidance on futures trading, BY Trading Advisory Services may be what you are looking for. For some advisory services, you may be able to use our professional administration desk and have the trades executed on your behalf.

What’s It Like to Be With BY Trading Advisors?

It’s about honoring our relationship with you and being fully invested in your success. It’s about being with you every step of the way – through every market event, every stage of the investment planning process, every triumph and every challenge. Our commitment to you will not change. This is what it means to be with BY Trading. To talk with a financial advisor about getting started with your own personalized investment plan, contact us.

Listen, Understand, Clarify

We’ll listen closely to what you have to say. We want to understand what’s important to you and what you have planned for your life. This will help us clarify your specific goals.

Intelligent Financial Solutions

Once we’ve clarified your goals, we’ll work closely with you to develop intelligent financial solutions that make sense for your unique situation.

In-Depth Analysis & Regular Feedback

We’ll help you stay on track to meet your goals and help you make changes to your investment plan and asset allocation when appropriate.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

Your needs and goals will change over time, and when they do, we’ll help you make adjustments to your investment plan as needed.

We Start With Your Life and Plan Your Money Around It

You only get one life. It’s up to you to make the most of it and to live the best life you can. Your best life starts with a vision for what you want to accomplish and what you’re able to strive to achieve with the resources you have. Our Envision Process is designed to help you identify and prioritize your goals. This unique process creates an effective, easily followed roadmap with personalized milestones to help you discover whether you have the financial resources to live your life the way you want.
Most likely, you have specific goals in mind. The Envision process begins with a conversation between you and your Advisor that’s designed to help you identify, clarify and prioritize your financial goals. You and your financial advisor will use this discussion to define your “ideal” scenario (how your perfect retirement, for example, would look) and “acceptable” scenario (what retirement lifestyle would satisfy you). Although it might be nice to live your ideal retirement, it will probably be necessary for your plan to incorporate elements from your acceptable scenario.