Spot Market Trading

BY Trading has been a leader in spot market trading and we are very proud of the services we have been able to afford to all of our clients in that time and the spotless compliance history we have as a direct result of our ethical execution practices and attentiveness to our client needs. With our new emphasis on-exchange traded products, we look forward to being able to continue to offer the same high quality services we are known for.

In making decisions about where and when to take a position, investors, traders and analysts use two different approaches: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is the appreciation of the economics underlying a particular trade. If you want to know where to invest and why, you use the techniques of fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is concerned with the when and the how of placing money. It determines the optimal timing for a position and its conclusions about how long to stay in a particular trade have significant importance for the kind of derivatives structure one may use to take a position.

Technical analysis is an art in which quasi-statistical techniques and formal statistics are used to determine the existence and strength of trends in financial time series and to identify turning points in these trends. If you can do this with a reasonable degree of accuracy, then you can improve your chances of making a profitable trade. Technical analysis is important in the structuring of derivative products because of the leverage involved and because of the inclusion of such features as barriers and compound strikes.

Timing is everything.

In practice, there are quite a few indicators that we can look at and that we can automate to produce trading signals when the rules we specify are triggered. For example, we could design an Expert System that produces a trading signal every time our Moving Average Crossover system indicates that the two moving averages intersect.

Some indicators are more suited for trending markets while other indicators are oriented towards consolidating markets. If we can have a set of indicators that produce a consistent trading signal, then we have increased the probability of being right about the trade. If we have five automated trending signals, all of which indicate that our index is in an upward trend that is a pretty interesting result.

Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced market participant, you will enjoy the same service as our institutional, professional, and commercial clients.  We understand the importance of quick account approval, accurate trading statements, timely deposits and withdrawals, as well as overall comprehensive client support.  We will provide you with the tools you need to trade electronically or through the services of our professional and well trained staff.